Craniosacral with Ahwren Ayers

We have the power though intention and lifestyle to create healthier bodies and happier lives.

With Craniosacral Therapy and Energy Therapy,  we use gentle hands on techniques to integrate your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies allowing you to
connect with your own ‘healing Inner Wisdom’.
Muscle testing is available to identify core affirmations that will support you in changing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.    Adding self care and personal growth techniques will give you a comprehensive approach for healing support.
When we feel personally empowered we naturally make healthier life choices.


“I have worked with Ahwren since May of 2014. She has helped me so much in several areas of my life. She has helped me understand and resolve many life lessons, challenges, personal issues and physical ailments. Most recently she has helped me heal almost fully from a very debilitating stroke. Her work is extremely thorough. She works on all levels of me – soul, mind, emotions and physical body- simultaneously. When we work we shift realities around physical pain and limitation, blocks in my mind and brain, emotional cycles that I am done with and soul level karma. Very rarely have I met a person who is so grounded and real who can also traverse the stars at the level that she can. I have found Ahwren to be consistently loving, understanding, patient and very committed to my process. She is a super high integrity lady. And in my experience she is an excellent healer.” ~ Katherine Keaton, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Writer.