Craniosacral with Ahwren Ayers

I am  available for phone sessions, Zoom sessions and Skype sessions.
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Healing Therapies Session
Craniosacral Therapy and Energy Therapy,  with other gentle hands on techniques integrate your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and connect you with your
‘Inner healing Wisdom’.      Your everyday human experiences affect your energy field; what is happening in your energy field reflects in your physical body.    The more we can keep our energy field clear of debris and aligned with these powerful techniques to realign what is happening in your energy field the easier and quicker we can heal, the stronger in optimal health we become.   You’ll feel personally empowered.

Your Benefits
Improved physical and emotional health, reducing inflammation and enhancing your immune system.  You’ll enjoy feeling relaxed yet energized, with added feelings of peace and optimism.  Be ready to face the world again, with confidence.

Healthy Lifestyle Connection
Adding self care and personal growth techniques to use at home will give you a comprehensive and life changing approach for healing support.  This will allow
you to be in charge of your health and well being choices.

Your Benefits
Reduce stress and lessen depression, with the ability to change habits and behaviors,  and manage pain. You’ll feel more like you’re coming from a place of inner strength with a feeling of hopefulness to move forward with your personal health program, and with life.

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Ahwren’s Healing Philosophy
I truly believe that through intention our positive thought, attitude, and belief directs us on a powerful path to healing and health.  When we feel personally empowered we naturally make healthier life choices.  about Ahwren

Client experiences

I was feeling overwhelmed and unclear about my life. I needed a shift. Thanks to healing support with Ahwren my life is on a path of my choosing. I feel peaceful and positive. ~ J.W.