Creating My Joy

Seasons are beautiful and timely. This winter season I’m idling back my soul.  I’m giving myself another opportunity to focus on the present moment, connect with spirit, ask my body, and trust my Inner Wisdom. In other words get in touch with what I need right now.
I’m great at planning and organizing and creating, and I have a wonderful life. At the same time I keep asking myself ~ What do I need right now? Take in the beauty of the season? Breathe in the fresh air? Send a card? Share a hug? Get more sleep?  By doing so I’m guided by my internal compass on how to best nurture myself.  It helps me feel personally empowered when I’m clear and focused as I navigate toward living a life that makes my heart sing.  ~  What do you need? What makes your heart sing?
Abundant Blessings, Ahwren

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