Craniosacral with Ahwren Ayers

Healing Therapies Session
With Craniosacral Therapy and Energy Therapy,  I use gentle hands on techniques to integrate your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies allowing you to feel personally empowered when you connect with your
‘Inner healing Wisdom’.

Ahwren’s Healing Philosophy
I truly believe that through intention our positive thought, attitude, and belief directs us on a powerful path to healing and health.  When we feel personally empowered we naturally make healthier life choices.  about Ahwren

Healthy Lifestyle Connection
Adding self care and personal growth techniques to use at home will give you a comprehensive and life changing approach for healing support that allows you to be in charge of your health and well being choices.

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Client experiences

When I was exhausted with chronic pain from an old shoulder injury Ahwren helped me. She relieved the pain and the emotional stigma from the injury and now my whole body feels back on track. I feel better than ever. ~ L.M.