BEMER Vascular Therapy

Improve Your Life

         Over one million people all over the world are using BEMER

BEMER stands for Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation.     BEMER is a mat you lay on attached to a machine to give you the earth’s frequencies and intensities through PEMF ( pulsed electro magnetic frequencies).      BEMER session’s physical vascular therapy boost your body’s blood flow in delivering more oxygen and nutrients while assisting in detox,  benefiting your body’s cardiac system,  regenerative abilities and even mental acuity.
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For You.  For Life.  For Energy.

Bemer Enhances:
General bloodflow.
The body’s nutrient and oxygen supply, and waste disposal.
Cardiac function.
Physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy.
Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation.
Sleep management.

BEMER Therapy is easy to apply and anyone  can use it.

Advantages of BEMER Therapy in Sports; better endurance and maximizing your competitive edge. Minimize down time, maximize results.

Three ways to enjoy the benefits of Bemer Therapy:

  1. Bemer Therapy Sessions-$30. for 30 min. session; prepay 10 sessions for $250.
    (or incorporate the Bemer session into a healing support session).
  2. Buy your own Bemer. (Contact me for pricing).
  3. Buy your own Bemer and become a distributor. (Contact me for information).

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