BEMER’s job:

The main statement

BEMER can improve restricted blood flow in the smallest blood vessels and thereby support the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes. Circulation is the human body’s supply and transport system. Circulation IS the foundation supporting every cell in the body.

What is circulation?

Seventy-four percent of circulation is located in the smallest blood vessels (microcirculation). And importantly, it also is the area in which red blood cells deliver nutrients and oxygen and on their way back take away waste products for disposal. Tissues and organs depend on this exchange for survival and optimal performance. It is only with the help of these supply and disposal processes that the body’s self-regulatory processes remain intact. The person feels energetically right and well.

How does it work?

The miracle lies in how this all happens. The heart’s pumping mechanism only keeps the blood moving through the large vessels (arteries and veins). However, the small vessels consist of approximately a length of 74,000 miles. How is it possible that blood can flow there as well? In the small pre-capillary and post-capillary vessels (arterioles and venules) the body has a similar movement mechanism like the heart; it is called vasomotion. This movement pushes the blood in and out of the capillaries where the action now can take place: nutrients and oxygen are delivered; wastes are picked up and removed. Simple? Yes, it is that simple.

The result

The body’s defenses are strengthened, physical and mental performance increases, the body’s innate self-healing and self-regulatory capability is strengthened.

THAT IS EXCITING! And it is possible!

Factors Detrimental to Circulation

TOO much stress, too little sleep, an unbalanced diet, unhealthy living habits, disease, as well as aging slow down the pumping action (vasomotion) in these pre- and post-capillary blood vessels.

This affects the vast majority of people. Over time, it leads to a decline in physical and mental fitness and a rise in discomfort and disease.

The Solution

BEMER Vascular Therapy can counteract these factors. Using an electromagnetic field to deliver a specifically configured signal (the BEMER signal), it stimulates vasomotion and thereby improves blood flow in an impacted area. The body’s cells are increasingly better supplied and disposed of and start carrying out their many tasks.

Simply put: it leads to more energy and increase in well-being. And the good news is that we offer a solution where many may have lost hope.

Our Job

We are educators, advisors and friends. When we reach out to someone about BEMER, the primary purpose is first to educate and even if that is the outcome in a first, second or more meeting, please, be proud of it. You have assisted someone in understanding their body better. It may take time for someone who has concentrated on a singular symptom for a while to understand that everything in our bodies is inter-connected and inter-dependent.

Our job is to help individuals to get from point A (symptom focused) to point B (whole body focused) and understand that good blood flow is the key to attain and maintain good health.