Ethical Intentions Article by Ahwren Ayers


Healing GardensEthics is an opportunity for self-empowerment,  so we’re capable of dealing with ethical dilemmas at any time.

Ethics for LMP’s has come a long way over the years. Thirty years ago the topic of ethics, and rules and laws of misconduct felt heavy handed. There have always been plenty of laws, mandatory standards of conduct, and right and wrong guidelines of being ethically correct.

Over the years the focus and intent of ethics has been expanding and transforming. We’re taking more personal responsibility for right and wrong conduct:

“Ethical behavior also involves striving to bring the highest value into one’s work and aspiring to do one’s best in all interactions: doing the right thing, in the right manner, for the right reasons and with the right attitude.”

More and more we’re coming from a place of being in relationship with ourselves to govern our ethical outcomes:

“Ethics is about striving to be the best you can be and about treating people decently and respectfully”

We’re blending a right and wrong attitude with what we carry within us.

When you come from a place of compassion within yourself and live healthy boundaries, your intentions become clearer. With clearer intentions it becomes easier to make choices that are right for you to create healthier personal and professional lives.

I recommend a healthy balance of a Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, and Spiritual lifestyle.

Physical: I suggest creating a routine for yourself. Receive regular bodywork. Move your body on a regular basis, our bodies are made to move, and the benefits can be profound. If you need help getting started do a 3 min. movement routine every day. The same or varied. Eventually the 3 minutes can increase, and on the days you feel you only have time for 3 min. you can still feel good about yourself. Build on your successes.

Nutritional: Eat as healthily as possible, including organic and live foods, read labels, etc. Eat the types of foods that are best for you. Look into some nutritional supplementation, perhaps with your Naturopath. An important piece to remember is that your physical and nutritional needs are unique, so create a simple and doable plan that works for you.

Emotional: Your life stressors and emotional needs are different than anyone else’s. Find ways to nurture yourself. Fill your life with people and opportunities that make your heart sing. Build community, contribute to your local massage group. There are lot’s of ways to feel connected.

Spiritual: Trust your Inner Wisdom.

We’re also learning to find balance between the world of Ethics and Standards vs. actually experiencing our own ethical situations. There are many shades of grey in our complex world. Educate yourself. Make use of the many great articles and classes relating to ethics. We are fortunate to have all the educational information available to us to help guide us along our way. Also, talk with your peers, they likely have had or are experiencing similar situations.

Ethics, both personal and professional, involves Intentions, Boundaries, and Relationships. In self discovery and development we gain understanding of what works for us as individuals and what works for us in our own business and our own profession. When we are in healthy relationship with ourselves it is easier to be in healthy relationship with others.