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Choosing Your Path to Better Health

I truly believe that through intention our positive thought, attitude, and belief directs us on a powerful path to healing and health.  Sometimes there are beliefs that we may unconsciously be holding onto that block our way to optimal health. I support my clients in understanding and shifting those unhelpful energy blocks so that a clear path is open to them again.  Through intention you make a commitment to yourself to regain vitality and life force and can successfully reset your mind/body function for optimal health.

Here are some technics I use with my clients.

Emotional Stress Release is a gentle, easy to learn, natural technique.  You can use ESR at home, work, or any time to release stress and tension.  Using ESR you can relieve chronic pain and aliments and is also useful for managing pain and increasing healing  pre and post  surgery.  ESR will help you gain clarity and function better in the middle of any stressful situation and can be used  every day.

Core affirmations can help you reprogram non useful ways of thinking to self empowering ways of approaching the world and your life.

Nutritional supplements/foods can be ‘muscle tested’ specifically for your body that will help support you on your path.

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