Our Bodies Love to Move.

 Our bodies are made to move.   
Body movement helps move fluids,  hormones and other natural, vital chemicals to circulate throughout the body.   Body movement activates the circulatory, musculatory and other systems of the body for optimal health.   Body movement affects our moods, keeps our joints fluid and mobile (not stiff and achy) , and increases our ability to sleep at night.

I encourage you to find ways to move your body every day in some way that is satisfying to you.  If you don’t already have a routine and aren’t quite sure where to start I recommend some kind of movement for 3 minutes every day.  Enjoy walking, yoga, arm circles, gardening, deep breathing and more.  If you find yourself  ‘in movement’  for  longer than 3 min. then increase your time to 5 or 10 min. a day.  On the days that it’s not a workable plan return to your  3 min. routine and feel good about the fact that you’re still ‘in movement’.
Keep it simple, make it doable.

   FYI:  The County Parks Department ‘Senior’ Centers have weight rooms for members. For  $50. per year you can have access to strength building machines. You would attend a very doable 6-8 week class to assure that you are well familiar with and are able to use all machines safely and effectively. Then enjoy and feel the benefits.
Everyone has access to these centers and can become a member at age 50 years and up.

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