Healing Therapies with Ahwren

When I was exhausted with chronic pain from an old shoulder injury Ahwren helped me. She relieved the pain and the emotional stigma from the injury and now my whole body feels back on track. I feel better than ever. ~ L.M.

I was feeling overwhelmed and unclear about my life. I needed a shift. Thanks to healing support with Ahwren my life is on a path of my choosing. I feel peaceful and positive. ~ J.W.

After the loss of my mother, I was depressed and without family. I went to Healing Therapies with Ahwren Ayers. Now I feel uplifted and optimistic. ~ M.S.

Whenever I need to idle back my soul and redirect my focus I have a session at Healing Therapies.  Ahwren has a talent for going to the heart of where the energy needs to move and I get the support I need. ~ K.A.

Healing Therapies with Ahwren helped me by bringing me into present time. Holding on to the past and being worried about the future manifested for me as headaches. Her gentle approach and easy self help techniques have helped me feel more centered in my life. Now I  easily and effectively greet one day at a time with clarity and confidence. And without headaches. ~ S.W.


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