Craniosacral Sessions and Healing Support relating to stress due to Covid and other life challenges.

Phone Sessions Worldwide.
60 minutes
75 minutes

Sessions at ‘The Loft’- Temporarily postponed due to Covid.
Phone, Zoom or Skype sessions available.
Long distance healing and support.
Our Body Loves to Heal!   We Show It How.

Also Animal Massage and Readings.


                                                             Ahwren Ayers ~ Healing Session

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Resources and Training

Craniosacral Therapy • Stress Release • Integrative Therapies
Intuitive Reading • Energy/Chakra Healing • Core Affirmations
Muscle Balancing •  Touch for Health (TFH) • Kinesiology • Reflexology
Nutritional Consultation  • Lifestyle Coaching • Range of Motion Therapy
Earth Healings